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Les sheva berakhot (hébreu : שבע ברכות « sept bénédictions ») ou birkot nissouïm (hébreu : ברכות נישואים « bénédictions des noces ») sont des bénédictions spéciales, récitées après les actes de grâce d'un repas célébrant les sept jours de mariage d'un couple.. La récitation de ces bénédictions nécessite la présence d'un quorum de dix hommes. Chalom, Voici les lois concernant les chéva Brakhot :. À chaque repas de pain que feront le 'hatan et la cala durant les sept jours suivant le mariage (le jour du mariage étant considéré comme le 1 er de ces 7 jours) et selon certaines conditions, après le Bircat hamazone, on récitera sept Brakhot (soit une personne pour les 7, soit plusieurs personnes réciteront chacune 1 de ces 7. Note that if there are other sheva brachot being arranged for this couple, someone who has not been at any of the other meals must be present. A minyan (quorum of ten adult Jewish men) must be present in order to recite the Sheva Brachot. This is an important detail to bear in mind when creating the guest list

For example, after Sheva Brochos a minyan to daven can be formed even if four of the ten males present already davened that tefilah. 5. Shulchan Aruch Even Ha'ezer [E.H.] 62:4 6. If this is not possible (e.g., due to an illness or allergy), consult a rav. See Sefer Birchas Chasanim (S.B.C.) 3:5 by Harav Nissan Kaplan, shlita. 7. S.B.C. 3:f13. If there are only between 3 and 9 men in. It is customary for the Sheva Brachot to be recited again during the wedding celebration over a glass of wine, following the Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals). This second sharing of the blessings gives couples an additional opportunity to honor their loved ones by inviting them to offer one of the blessings Each of these events—usually an elegant dinner—is called a Sheva Brachot (Seven Blessings), referring to the seven blessings that will be recited each time following the Grace After Meals. They are the same blessings that were recited at the wedding itself under the chuppah, expressing requests for G‑d 's blessing for the newlywed couple Though the Sheva Brachot are a stylistically harmonious whole, they are actually a mosaic of interwoven Biblical words, phrases and ideas. It is not certain who composed the benedictions; the text is recorded in the Talmud, but its origin is probably several centuries earlier

During the week following a wedding, a series of seven blessings (Sheva Brachot) is recited at any festive meal for the bride and groom that is attended by a minyan. Following the completion of the meal, a cup of wine is used to lead the Grace After Meals English Translation of Sheva Brachot Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who creates the fruit of the vine. Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who has created all things for His glory. Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the universe, Creator of man The phrase Sheva Brachos refers to the set of blessings, usually seven (sheva) in total (see below), recited in conjunction with the marriage ceremony and at a meal eaten in honor of the new couple during the first week of their marriage. Colloquially, this term is also used to refer to the meal at which these brachos will be recited A Minyan must be present in order to recite the sheva brachot. If there is no minyan, only the last blessing of the sheva brachot, the Asher Barah blessing, is recited over a cup of wine—and this, too, provided that there are three adult men (a mezuman ) present Making sheva brachot is like planning a big anniversary or birthday party, only with some specific requirements. You need a minyan to recite Sheva Brachot, and that means at least 10 men who will mostly be married. So you have a minimum guest list of about 20

Cartes Sheva Brachot, sept cartes de bénédiction pour la cérémonie de mariage juif, hébreu avec la traduction anglaise de réforme bleu et blanc ShikmaPaperArt. De la boutique ShikmaPaperArt. 5 étoiles sur 5 (2) 2 avis. 41,44 €. Forbidden to daven in shul/ with minyan - Halachic guidelines Ha'Rav Schachter and others had ruled and other poskim like Ha'Rav Stav and others in Israel have now ruled that minyanim are totally forbidden, even with just 10 people Noté /5. Retrouvez Sheva Brachot: Halakha, Jewish Views of Marriage, Erusin, Nissuin, Huppah, Mountain Jews, Birkat Hamazon, Minyan, Shabbat, Hazzan, House of Garmu, House of Avitnas et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Achetez neuf ou d'occasio

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  1. yan and therefore can equally perform the mitzvah of reading one of the sheva brachot. We decided to honor more family and friends by having two readers honored per sheva brachot. One read the Hebrew followed by a reading of the English translation. For each sh eva brachot, our families became symbolically integrated.
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  3. MINYAN OF MEN. 24. The Sheva Brachos are not recited unless there were ten men that reached the age of Mitzvah observance and they remain until the actual Sheva Brachos. WHEN THERE IS NO MINYAN.
  4. Je crois que dans la 5507 il s'agit des 7 bénédictions (sheva brah'ot) récitées lors du mariage et non pas qu'il y a 7 jours de sheva brah'ot, mais il est vrai qu'en lisant la réponse cela peut porter à confusion. A ma connaissance, comme dit, dans votre cas, l'usage est de faire 3 jours et de dire les sheva brah'ot le premier soir. Mais si vous prenez les habitudes d'Afrique du Nord.
  5. yan. in progressive communities, make sure you have at least ten folks (generally yidden) one of whom was not at the wedding. 2) cook it is often a good plan to take care of the main courses and see if friends will bring wine (make sure you have red+white), salad, dessert, etc. 3) motzei you will need to say birkat hamazon (grace after.
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  1. Sheva Brachot: Halakha, Jewish Views of Marriage, Erusin, Nissuin, Huppah, Mountain Jews, Birkat Hamazon, Minyan, Shabbat, Hazzan, House of Garmu, House of Avitnas.
  2. yan is a prayer quorum of ten men over the age of 13 required for traditional Jewish public worship. The week following a wedding is known as the week of the Sheva Brachot. During this period, the seven blessings that were recited under the marriage canopy (chupah) are repeated after each meal attended by the newly married couple that is attended by a
  3. Shiva (Hebrew: שִׁבְעָה ‎, literally seven) is the week-long mourning period in Judaism for first-degree relatives. The ritual is referred to as sitting shiva in English.The shiva period lasts for seven days following the burial. Following the initial period of despair and lamentation immediately after the death, shiva embraces a time when individuals discuss their loss and.

Sheva Brachot Conscious Cooking And Time Management . I wanted to take a few moments to share how I was able to manage working and hosting Sheva Brachot in our home. It was definitely a group effort. My husband, his sisters and I paced ourselves to get everything done. Raizel and Yaffa were big helpers too! Conscious Cooking . Carol's Conscious Cooking. For something like this, delegate. drink. Sheva Brachot are also recited at the reception following bentsching and at every festive meal for the following 7 days (including the day of the wedding) if a minyan is present. The Birkat Hamazon and the Sheva Brachot, which are recited at the wedding reception, are part of the religious aspect of the wedding Couple Reinterprets the Sheva Brachot. Why not recreate the Sheva Brachot? When Miriam and Babak got married on top of a mountain at sunset, they re-examined all of the ancient Jewish wedding traditions and found personal twists to add. One powerful reinterpretation was a water ceremony created by Miriam and Babak to represent the Sheva Brachot (שבע ברכות‎ literally the seven. Speech by Moshe Yifat at Kalman and Bracha Goldbergs Sheva brocho

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We feel a pang when we find ourselves celebrating a new marriage at sheva brachot, in a room full of devout women with advanced degrees and strong backgrounds in Jewish texts, and a search party. Sheva Brachot Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, Who has created everything for His glory. Båruch Atå Adonoy Eloheinu Melech hå'olåm, . Sheh'hakol bårå lich'vodo. First Blessing During the week following a wedding, a series of seven blessings (Sheva Brachot) is recited at any festive meal for the bride and groom that is attended by a minyan. Following the. Since the Sheva Brachot require the presence of a minyan, and the chatan and kallah must be present, then that's already a gathering of 11 people. Is there a heter to postpone the Sheva Brachos. A minyan must be present in order to recite the sheva brachot. If there is no minyan, only the last blessing of the sheva brachot, the Asher Barah... 1-10. Holidays - Torah - Philosophy - G-d - Jewish Identity - Mitzvot - Chassidism - Daily Life - Shabbat - Life Cycle - Intimacy - Women & Judaism - History - Israel - Miscellaneous - Best of AskMoses Home | Mission Statement | Contact | Add Ask. A minyan must be present in order to recite the Sheva Brachot. This is an important detail to bear in mind when creating the guest list! If there is no minyan, only the last blessing of the Sheva Brachot, the Asher Barah blessing, is recited over a cup of wine — and this, too, only if there are three adult men (a mezuman) present. Another important consideration to take into account.

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What to say at sheva brachos. What to say at sheva brachos What to say at sheva brachos. Cute ideas for sheva brachot Anya and Moshe told us that they hadn't planned to make Sheva Brachot. Their wedding had taken place on 16 Tammuz, the day preceding the fast day that inaugurates the three week period of mourning for the destroyed Holy Temples in Jerusalem. They thought that since the Three Weeks were specifically intended as a mourning period, therefore no happy events were permitted, not even their Sheva. I have a dilemma. We are 5 couples making sheva brachot for the daughter of a friend. Should the mother and/or the bride tell us who should be invited? The same group of friends


Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack Exchang Sheva brachot are usually quiet affairs with little spontaneity. One quite different sheva brachot took place - or tried to take place - after the wedding of David and Miriam Feigenbaum of.

We feel a pang when we find ourselves celebrating a new marriage at sheva brachot, in a room full of devout women with advanced degrees and strong backgrounds in Jewish texts, and a search party must be sent out to recruit a tenth for a minyan, returning with a 13-year-old boy who may or may not keep the mitzvot but qualifies as an adult male The procedure with the cups is the same as a regular Sheva Brachot - with the two cups, from which both brides and grooms will drink. One does not double the cups or the brachot. It would seem correct that some small measure of the celebration should be directed at the additional couple also. That is, during the dancing they should be placed together with the bride and groom (even if for. INTRODUCTION. Whether or not a woman may recite one of the Sheva Berakhot at the wedding ceremony or at one of the Sheva Berakhot meals depends on how we understand these berakhot.. We read in tractate Kalla as follows (1:1):. A bride without a blessing is forbidden to her husband as if she were a menstruous woman.Just as a menstruous woman who has not immersed [in a mikve] is forbidden to her.

Last week, I hosted Sheva Brochos for my cousin, Goldie and her chosson (groom), Tuvia. The Sheva Brochos are seven blessings that are recited at the wedding and then again daily for the first week of marriage. Typically, the tradition of Sheva Brochos includes a festive meal followed by the recitation of these seven blessings in the presence of a minyan (at least 10 men) Heliga simcha Sheva Brachot of Aron and Sarah Einhorn at shul wheee they met 03/11/2020 Sheva brochos of Aron and Sarah Leah Einhorn Tonight 8 pm food and music by Ezzy gluck and Levi okono Minyan Times; Schedule; Contact; OU-JLIC at Princeton University. Meet the Couple. Rabbi Matityahu Kahn was born and raised in the Jerusalem area to parents who made Aliyah from Brooklyn on the last day of their Sheva Brachot. After high school, he studied in Yeshivat Otniel's Hesder army program and served in the IDF as a paratrooper. He... Read More . College Guide; Contact Us; The OU's.

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  1. New Faces: Sheva Brachot . by David Malamud. Biblical Sources for Seven Blessings כתובות ז׳ ב:ג׳ גופא אמר רב נחמן אמר לי הונא בר נתן תנא מנין לברכת חתנים בעשרה שנאמר (רות ד, ב) ויקח עשרה אנשים מזקני העיר ויאמר שבו פה ורבי אבהו אמר מהכא (תהלים סח, כז) במקהלות.
  2. Jewish prayer - Judaism - Kaddish - Women in Judaism - Priestly Blessing - Bar and Bat Mitzvah - Thirteen Attributes of Mercy - Sheva Brachot - Torah reading - Quorum - Sefer Torah - Kedushah - Amidah - Conservative Judaism - Minyan Man - List of Jewish prayers and blessings - Guide for the Halakhic Minyan - Shira Hadasha - Sanhedrin - Committee on Jewish Law and Standards - Birkat Hamazon.
  3. Or Sheva Brachot. It is free of charge, and guaranteed original with this author. It is, in my humble opinion, of reasonably good quality, and in field trials has been shown to be effective. No animals were harmed in these tests. It is not tied to any one parsha, and can be used at any time
  4. ine God language instead of the traditional.
  5. aries. The opinions and views expressed are solely those of the author or lecturer and should not be attributed to Yeshiva.
  6. Events on Virtual Shuls include Shacharit, Mincha, Maariv, candle lighting, Havdalah, Tehillim, Challah bakes, Shiurim / classes, concerts, Shiva, Bar / Bat mitzvah, wedding, engagement / Vort and Sheva Brachot. Lastly, shuls / organizations will be able to collect donations directly from their live streams, if desired and in the future, save recorded events to your profile

There are many versions of how this practice is kept, including those who say that a groom during sheva berachot may not go to minyan if his wife does not accompany him. Everyone should consult his or her local halachic authority for instructions on how to proceed in this regard. Regardless of the details, the point of the law is that for the first week of their lives together, the bride and. Talmud - Brachot 15; Orach Chaim 61; This brings the number of words of Shema to 248, which corresponds to the number of positive mitzvot in the Torah. When praying with a minyan, however, one does not need to add these words, since the chazzan concludes with three extra words, Hashem Elokeichem Emet

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Corona - How many people can daven in an outdoor minyan? After having spoken to a few people who have investigated, they all said the same: According to the new regulations, outdoor minyanim cannot hold more than 20 people Length 3 min Machshava - Sheva Brachos... My shiurim. Search. Clear Bulk download with iTunes. View: In progress ; Upcoming ; Past; Player. Currently no shiur is playing. play. repeat Rewind 15 sec. mute. 1.0x. Speed. 00:00 / 00:00. Download. Articles. Clear Bulk download list. Questions? Comments? Let us know here. Shemini; Shabbos 41 ; Shabbos 41; Shemini כב' ניסן תשפ Welcome to. However- we had our supper with them (Michal joined as well), and even said part of the Sheva Brachot that can be blessed without a minyan. As the smiles in the picture show, he was able to overcome the day's events and see the happiness that we could share with him even without a big party. Stepping out of his own physical weakness and making room for his great spirit, it was a lovely evening. Subscription Club / Minyan; Shop. Details; Gift Certificates; Books; All Prints; Limited Edition Prints; Moss Haggadah; Siman Tov Seder; Love Letters; Pueblo Portfolio; Binding of Isaac; Benchers ; Cart; You are here: Home / Love Letters / Love Letters: Sheva Brachot « Love Letters: Deluxe Edition | Shiviti » Love Letters: Sheva Brachot $ 85.00. The portfolio of seven 9″ x 13″ prints of. Minyan at The New York Flowery. December 8, 2018 · Rocking just now for channuka , a frelichan. Related Videos. 0:07. Heliga simcha Sheva Brachot of Aron and Sarah Einhorn at shul wheee they met. Minyan at The New York Flowery. 70 views · March 11.

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Participating in a minyan is an enormous privilege for anyone who wants to fulfill the mitzvah of and I will be sanctified in the midst of the children of Israel. This summer [when Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaer, and Eyal Yifrach were kidnapped and murdered], we have been privileged to see tens of mothers who sanctified the name of God in an inspiring way. I hope that we will learn to. Sheva Brachot. When birkat hamazon takes place at the Sheva Brachot (seven blessings) following a traditional Jewish marriage, When those present at the meal form a minyan (a quorum of ten adult Jewish men) there are further additions to the invitation. A Zimmun of 10 is called a Zimmun B'Shem. Although the Talmud states that women are obligated to say birkat hamazon and that accordingly. Virtual Shuls is the virtual venue for all live Jewish community events After the blessings following the meal, the Sheva Brachot are read again (this is also true of the meal on the wedding night). That's why those parties are referred to as Sheva Brachot. In order to say the Sheva Brachot, a minyan (quorum of ten men) is required, as well as at least one person who wasn't at the wedding or at any of the previous Sheva Brachot. And then life returns to.

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SHEVA BRACHOT. Thereafter, the Chazan and Choir will sing the Sheva Brachot (seven blessings). Again, remember to respond to each blessing with Amen. (The Rabbi will prompt you just in case you should be somewhere on Cloud Nine). After the conclusion of the Sheva Brachot, Bride and Groom will again be given to drink from the cup of blessing by. Orthodox and Conservative Jews recite the Sheva Brachot only with a minyan, (a quorum of ten), and at least one new invitee is present, one who was not among the guests for any previous Sheva Brachot festivities. The new face is only necessary during weekdays, as on Shabbat, the Shabbat itself is considered a new guest . New guests are referred to as Panim Hadashot - new faces. * Consult. Sheva Bracho t During the week following a wedding, a series of seven blessings (Sheva Brachot) is recited at any festive meal for the bride and groom that is attended by a minyan. Following the completion of the meal, a cup of wine is used to lead the Grace After Meals It was a whirlwind of celebrations as friends of the newly married 50-somethings feted the happy couple and their late-in-life love, in a week of traditional sheva brachot.The couple's many.

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Traditionally, there should be a minimum of a minyan (ten men) at this dinner because seven special blessings for the bride and groom are included in the Grace After Meals. (The Hebrew term Sheva Brachos means literally Seven Blessings.) Now, unless you know a lot of single guys, inviting ten men means inviting their wives too, and possibly their children. Do the math, people. We're. Sheva Brachos. Posted on November 16, 2017 By Rabbi Daniel Travis | Series: Tefilah: Praying With Joy | Level: Intermediate. In this chapter we have examined how the first blessing of the Shema serves to repudiate some beliefs which are foreign to the Jewish religion. However, there is another goal that all the blessings of Shema share. Seven times a day I praise You because of Your. We were all ready for sheva brachot when I realized that it might be too late to recite sheva brachot! Lini and Joshua were married the previous Sunday before shkiah (sunset), and thus Sunday counted as the first day of sheva brachot. Since shkiah had already passed, it seemed that we could no longer recite sheva brachot! Although Maran Hachida (Rav Yosef Haim Azulay, a major Sephardic.

Learn about the Sheva Brachot during the ceremony; Learn about the Sheva Brachot at the wedding feast; Learn about the seven days of Sheva Brachot; What to expect at a Sheva Brachot Sheva Brachot - Keeping them sacred and finding your connection September 18, 2016 As we came to this part of our planning process there were a few steps to consider. The second full cup of wine is blessed by the. Congregation B'nai Torah - Forest Park Minyan (Springfield MA) Shabbat Re'eh, August 3, 2013 By Bob Dashevsky This Talmudic quote prods us to consider how we might work toward the well-being of future generations. Correspondingly, Shmittah (letting the land lie fallow one year out of seven), one of the many Mitzvot presented in Parshat Re'eh, is indeed a practice that safeguards posterity by. This month's Nefesh Minyan took place shortly after wedding of two participants, so the Sheva Brachot were added to the Shabbat celebration. It was a truly festive occasion, demonstrating the community of friends and peers that Nefesh has built for itself. It also demonstrates how a group of Jews without professional clergy can conduct a complete service if motivated. Jason Miller, ordained. Tzav: Drasha for Sheva Brachos (#4) The Korban for Newlyweds. This is Drush, and not intended for analysis with scalpels. In our time, a person who survives a danger stands at the Bimah (or a woman does this at home with a minyan) and makes the Bracha Hagomel. One could support the notion that a Chassan and Kallah should do the same. Of course, there is no such minhag. But certainly, when. Sheva Brachot, literally 'seven blessings', refers not only to the set of seven blessings which are recited as part of the wedding ceremony, but also to the seven days of celebration which follow a traditional Jewish wedding. Customarily, the week after one's wedding is set aside for rejoicing with family and friends. No work may be conducted, and celebratory meals are hosted by loved.

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Learn how to expanding the spiritual, ritual, intellectual, and political opportunities for women with the framework of halakha, or Jewish law. And more Sara & Ariel Sheva Brachot Shabbat Minyan Registration September 25th/26th. Arba Minim Sale. Rabbi Adler's Whatsapp Shiur | Sponsor the Shiur. Rabbi Wiener's Whatsapp Shiur | Sponsor the Shiur. Zoom Link to Rabbi Adler's daily tefillah and shiurim. Covid 19 Community Resources. Ohel Covid-19 Videos. Backyard Minyanim . Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman Book Discussion Registration. Nerot Mask Sale. C0018 Sheva brachot under huppah - Duration: 4:31. David Schlacht 5,175 views. 4:31 . Boryspil International Airport. Kyiv (overview) - Duration: 2:27. Baltic Travel Recommended for you. 2:27. We begin with a discussion of the sheva brachot, the prayers that are recited at a number of different times throughout the wedding and celebration. The rabbis walk through each of the seven blessings and wonder whether there are truly seven blessings. Does this one count as two blessings? Do we always recite that one? One of those discussions centres on our gratitude for having been created. Traditionally only jewish men are counted in a minyan and only jewish men can recite the sheva brachot both under the chuppah and during the festive meals following the wedding. Jacob worked for rachels father laban for seven years in order to win rachels hand in marriage. The creation of the world and humanity. The kallah is seated on a throne to receive her guests while the chatan is.

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Mishnah Brurah 4 berakhot 4 brachot 48b. Kaf Chaim 7a a good jewish wife a minyan at meal a quorum a seder guide a torah minute ah abarbanel on the Torah Acharonim adding blessings Akum al akhilat maror Al Akhilath Matza Al Akhilath Matzo Al Netilat Yadayim alef bais aleph alef bet aleph beh Alive but judged in hell amein amen yehe shemeh raba mevorach Amida Amidah amiddah answering amen. A Sheva Brachot Primer By By Bracha Schwartz | July 27, 2017 The wedding is over, the couple is beaming and the parents are exhaling. But if you volunteered to make sheva brachot, your job is just beginning. Making sheva brachot is like planning a big anniversary or birthday party, only with some specific requirements. You need a minyan Minyan. In Judaism, a minyan (מִנְיָן lit. noun count, number; pl. minyanim) is the quorum of ten Jewish adults required for certain religious obligations. [1] 90 relations: Achan (biblical figure), Amidah, Arakhin, Aramaic language, Aruch HaShulchan, Aryeh Frimer, Asher ben Jehiel, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Barechu, Beit Yosef (book), Belshazzar's feast, Berakhot (Talmud), Birkat Hamazon. Sheva Brachot Photos; Minimoon Photos; Older Photos; Wedding Website Archive. Our Story; Our Wedding Registry; Schedule of Events; Melodies; E-mail us; Allison & Oren » Phillip Redisch Shiva Information. Phillip Redisch Shiva Information . Last update: Thursday, July 2, 9:30 PM. Phil's family will be sitting Shiva via Zoom through the morning of Friday, July 3. Please note there are certain.

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To the Adler and Eagle families on the Shabbat Sheva Brachot for Jessica & Josh. To Shelly & Henry Frisch on the engagement of their grandson, Yaakov Weinstein, to Huvi Rosenkrantz. Kiddush at Minyan with Rabbi Willig, led this week by Rabbi Israeli, Sponsored by • Dorit Katzenelenbogen & Avi Levine in honor of Alon's 6. th. birthday. • An anonymous sponsor. Welcome New Members. Birkat Hamazon ou Birkat Hammazon ( hébreu: ברכת המזון, trans. Bénédiction Nourishment), connu en anglais comme la grâce après le repas ( en yiddish: בענטשן, translit. Bentshn ou bénir, Yinglish: Benching), est un ensemble de hébreu bénédictions que juif Halakha ( « corps collectif des lois religieuses juives ») prescrit après un repas qui comprend au moins un ke. honor of sheva brachot for their children Marisa and Elie Gadlin. A shiur given by Rabbi Yaacov Lerner and. Maariv will follow. Shabbat Ends - 7:55PM . Weekday Schedule. Schacharit . Sunday - 7:00AM & 8:30AM . Child/Parent Minyan- 9:15AM . Monday and Thursday - 6:35AM & 7:40AM . Tuesday and Wednesday - 6:45AM & 7:45AM . Friday - 6:45AM & 7:45AM Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan . Mincha - 6:55PM . Late. The history of Sheva Brachot goes back to biblical times and the stories of Yakov, Leah and Rachel, and of Samson. However, they require at least ten men (or a minyan as required to recite any prayers at other times as well) in order to recite the seven blessings. We attended nearly all of them and it will be a long time till I look at a piece of chicken! I must mention one Sheva Brachot. Sheva Brachot Gr ace After Meals Few rituals are practiced at a Sheva Brachot meal. The Birkat Hamazon, Grace After Meals, is the only notable feature, and the honors, additions to the prayer, and wine service are exactly like the one that followed the wedding reception -> Some current minyan-goers would be unable to attend minyan if the time was shifted significantly Our seudah shlishit this week will also serve as sheva brachot for Lisie and Bobby Lillianfeld! Come for the food, the singing, and the joy! Weeknight Shiurim . Join us for weeknight shiurim; this week, we have the privilege of hosting 2 rabbis from Israel! Open to the entire community. You.

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